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Hawg Seeker Hawg Teaser 10 > Lures > Jerkbaits / Tail Baits > Hawg Seeker Hawg Teaser 10  |  E-mail a friend
This lure is a very versatile big fish catcher. Cast it out. Start with a few light taps and the tail will flip creating a tantalizing surface disturbance. Retrieved slowly, the Hawg Teaser swims in with just enough body wobble and tail action to imitate a lazy target. A sharp jerk or quick reel crank takes the Hawg Teaser sub-surface and from there, quick reel cranks, short jerks, or long pulls will start the Hawg Teaser tracking side to side. Pauses between pulls lets the lure back up and go into a slow dead rise. When you feel the lure encounter an obstruction, ease off and the lure will back out, allowing you to walk the lure over the top of weeds, logs, and snags. Length: 240 mm. Weight: 60 gr.

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