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Strike Pro Piglet Shad > Lures > Soft lures / Set / Creatures > Strike Pro Piglet Shad  |  E-mail a friend
Piglet Shad is a supplement in The Pig family. This 10cm long rubber bait is designed primarily for jig fishing for perch but is far from a & quot; normal & quot; rubber bait. It has many prominent and outstanding features which make it special. Piglet shad is molded in rubber of two different densities where the lower half of the bait salt is impregnated. Salt sinks faster allowing Piglet Shad drops the abdomen before and get a more stable time in the water. The paddle tail on Piglet Shad gives the bait a light & quot; bellyflash & quot ;. Want a more stable, swinging again, but & quot; bellyflash & quot ;, then trim the tails of the top and bottom edges with scissors. It also has a swimming once created by the hinged section of the tail. Piglet shad are slotted in the back and abdomen for easy bucking and effective hooking with offset-hook at the Texas-Carolina and fishing. Offset hook in size 3/0 ideal. Piglet shad can be used with traditional jig skull, we recommend hook size 4/0 or 5/0. Piglet Shad is made of environmentally friendly production with minimal ecological footprint. PVC plastic used is odorless and free of phthalates.

Length: 100 mm Sold in packs of 1 piece

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1.  Strike Pro Piglet Shad
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