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This is our assortment of jerk and tailbaits. Visit us from time to time to see our latest stock of models and colours.

 Aad Dam Bulletje
 Aad Dam Dikkop
 Aad Dam Topper
 Aad Dam Toppie
 ABU-Garcia Svartzonker Big McMy
 ABU-Garcia SvartZonker McMio Sink
 ABU-Garcia Svartzonker McMio Slow Sink
 Abu-Garcia Svartzonker McMy
 Abu-Garcia SvartZonker McMy Tail Slow Sink
 ACE Fat Flipper By Holmebaits
 ACE Fat Flipper By Kjelle Lundberg
 ACE Midget
 ACE Sweet Shad By Holmebaits
 ACE Sweet Shad By Kjelle Lundberg
 AG86 Baits Ripper Tail Shallow
 André Koehoorn Punnisher
 Andrée Lures Bison
 AsEtt Baits Fifty Fifty
 Bagley Finger Mullet Sinking
 Big Fork Sand Cat 6-09
 Big Fork Sand Cat 8-09
 Bitten Tackle Warlock
 Ducktail Lures Warrior Jerkbait
 ERC Hellhound
 Erstavik Mini Tail
 Esox Gear EG-Tail
 German Jerkbaits Darta
 Glures Lilla-My
 Hawg Seeker Belly Dancer 7
 Hawg Seeker Hawg Teaser 10
 Hawg Seeker Slow Tease 6
 Hawg Seeker Slow Tease 8
 Holme Baits Big Sloppy Tail Floating
 Holme Baits Linestretcher Jerk
 Holme Baits Linestretcher Jerk
 Holme Baits Scout Jerk
 Holme Baits Sloppy Tail
 Holme Baits Sloppy Tail Floating
 JW Jerktail
 Kjelle Lundberg Cisco Jr Custom
 Llungen Jerko 7 2H
 Mirrolure S25MR Catch 5
 Monster Lures Baby Jerko
 Monster Lures Baby Squirko
 PeWe Lures Fetto
 PeWe Tail
 Rapala Glidin' Rap GLR12
 Rapala X-Rap Subwalk XRSB15
 Salmo Slider Sinking 10
 Salmo Slider Sinking 12
 Strike Pro Baby Buster
 Strike Pro Buster Jerk II Suspending
 Strike Pro Buster Jerk Shallow 15
 Strike Pro Buster Jerk Slow Sinking 15cm
 Strike Pro Guppie 13,5cm
 Strike Pro Guppie Jr 11,5cm
 Strike Pro The Pig 6'' Suspending
 Strike Pro Wolf Tail Jr Shallow 16
 Strike Pro Wolf Tail Shallow 23
 SvartZonker Big McMio 85gr
 SvartZonker Biggietail Shallow
 Svartzonker Mc Mio Tail
 Svartzonker Mc T
 Svartzonker Mc Tail
 Svartzonker McMio Beast Slow Sink
 SvartZonker McMio Junior Slow Sink
 Svartzonker McTail Junior
 Svartzonker McTail V.1
 Svartzonker Plastic McTail Slow Sink VS.2.0
 Svartzonker Plastic Zonker Tail
 SvartZonker Squarepusher 11cm
 SvartZonker Tail Shallow V.2
 SvartZonker Ticsaren 11cm
 SvartZonker Ticsaren 14cm
 SvartZonker Ticsaren 17cm
 T-N-T Undertaker 4
 Westin Swim 12cm Sinking
 Westin Swim 12cm Suspending
 Wolfcreek Fat Wolf
 Wolfcreek Lures Big Bad Wolf
 Wolfcreek Lures Cub
 Wolfcreek Lures Cub Paddle
 Wolfcreek Lures Reverse Skinny
 Wolfcreek Lures Skinny Wolf
 Wolfcreek Lures Skinny Wolf 19 (Plastic)
 Wolfcreek Lures Skinny Wolf JR 14 (Plastic)
 Wolfcreek Lures The Wolf
 Wolfcreek Lures The Wolf Shallow
 Wolfcreek Lures Wolftail Shallow

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1.  Salmo Slider 12 Sinking RR Real Roach
Length: 12cm Bait Weight: 70gr
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Price SEK 169,00 » Special Offer: SEK 139,00

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