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Specially chosen jigs and softbaits from big "rubbers" for pikefishing to smaller lures for Zander, Perch and other species.

 Abu-Garcia Svartzonker McPike 18
 Abu-Garcia Svartzonker McPike 21
 Abu-Garcia SvartZonker McPike 25
 Action Plastics Euro Spider
 Action Plastics Nature Frog
 Action Plastics Shad 5
 Action Plastics Shad 6
 Action Plastics Shad 9
 Action Plastics Super Mag Grub 5
 AU-Lures Deep Throat 24
 Bass Assassin Die Dapper
 Berkley Havoc Sick Fish JR 8cm 5-Pack
 Berkley Power Craw 4
 Berkley Pulse Shad 8
 Booyah Boogee Bait
 Curlytail CT6
 D.O.A CAL-J5 5,5
 Daiwa Duckfin Shad 3.5'' / 90 mm
 Daiwa Prorex Classic Shad 20cm
 Darts Curly Fat 11
 Darts Curly Worm
 Darts Dropshot Shad
 Darts Hollow Shad 13
 Darts Jiggset
 Darts Squirrel Worm 12
 Darts Super Forktail 10
 Darts Super Shad 7
 Darts Swim Shad 9
 Darts Swimming Craw
 Darts Texas Ring Worm
 Delalande Blinker
 Delalande Sandra 16
 Delalande Sandra 9
 Delalande Skiny Shad 10
 Dirty Pike Baits Beelzebub 20cm 66gr
 Dirty Pike Baits Devils Tail
 Dirty Pike Baits Devils Tail Swimbait
 Eastfield Lures Maverick
 Eastfield Lures Nemesis
 Eastfield Lures Tomcat
 Eastfield Lures Wingman
 Eastfield Lures Wingman Curlytail
 Eastfield Lures Wingman XL
 Eastfield Wingman Curly Perch
 Eastfield Wingman Downsizer 17cm
 Eastfield Wingman Perch 8cm
 Fox Rage Pro Shad 11'' 28 cm
 Fox Rage Pro Shad 7
 Fox Rage Pro Shad 9
 Fox Rage Spikey Shad 9
 Fox Rage Zander Pro Shad 10cm
 Fox Rage Zander Pro Shad 12cm
 Fox Rage Zander Pro Shad 7,5
 Gunki Grubby Shad 4''
 Gunki Grubby Shad 5''
 Gunki Grubby Shad 6cm
 Gunki Grubby Shad 8,5 cm 6-Pack
 Gunki Whiz 3''
 Gunki Whiz 4''
 Illex Scissor Comb 3''
 Illex Scissor Comb 3,8''
 Lunker City Fin-S Fish 14,6 cm
 Lunker City Ribster 7,5
 Lunker City Shaker Shad 8,3
 Lunker City Slug-Go 19cm
 Lunker City Swimmin' Ribster 10
 Mange Boy Azkikr
 Mangeboy Braxen Gen 2
 Northern Bastards Bait Bastard Shad 23'
 Northern Bastards Bait Bastard Shad JR 17'
 Relax Riper Kopyto 2'5
 Relax Ripper Kopyto 3'
 Relax Ripper Kopyto 4''
 Relax Twister VR 4''
 Snag Proof Ish´s Phat Frog
 Solvkroken Frosk
 SPRO Hyper Eel 26,5
 Spro Mega Bony Shaker 23cm
 Storm Knock'r Minnow 18cm
 Storm Live Kit 1 4-Pack
 Storm Seeker Shad 6''
 Storm Seeker Shad Giant Tail 8''
 Storm So-Run Joker Shad 4''
 Storm So-Run Joker Shad 5''
 Storm So-Run Superu Shad 6''
 Storm Split Tail Seeker Shad 5''
 Storm Swim Shad 3''
 Strike Pro Gunslinger 16 cm
 Strike Pro Gunslinger DS 10 cm
 Strike Pro Piglet Shad
 Strike Pro The Pig Shad 23
 Strike Pro The Pig Shad JR 20
 Strike Pro The Pig Shad Jr. 15
 Strike Pro Tumbler Shad 17
 Svartzonker Big McRubber
 Svartzonker Big Tail Grub
 Svartzonker McRubber
 Svartzonker McRubber Bass 8
 Svartzonker McRubber Big Bass 12,5
 Svartzonker McRubber Jr
 SvartZonker McRubber Shad
 SvartZonker McRubber Shad 17cm
 SvartZonker McRubber Tail 23cm
 Westin BloodTeez 7,5cm
 Westin Ricky The Roach SL/ST
 Westin RingTeez 10cm 8-Pack
 Westin Shad Teez 9cm
 Westin Stanley The Stickleback 7,5cm
 Wolfcreek Curly Wolfshad JR
 Wolfcreek Lures Shad
 Wolfcreek Lures Shad JR
 Wolfcreek Shad Curly Tail
 YUM Money Minnow 6,5

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1.  Esox Gear Lucy 19 Blue/White
Length: 19cm Lure Weight: 70gr
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Price SEK 99,00 » Special Offer: SEK 49,00

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2.  Strike Pro The Pig Shad Jr. 15cm Blue Pearl
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Price SEK 29,00

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