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Here you will find a large selection of lures for spin fishing, trolling and vertical jigging. In our assortment you will find common popular models as well as different models from smaller manufacturers.

 ABU-Garcia Hi-Lo 18
 ABU-Garcia Hi-Lo 26
 ABU-Garcia Hi-Lo 40
 ABU-Garcia Hi-Lo Jointed
 Abu-Garcia Svartzonker McHybrid Big
 Abu-Garcia Svartzonker McHybrid Small
 Bagley Balsa B3
 Bagley Diving B DB3
 Bagley Top Gun Baitfish
 Bagley Zounder
 Bandit Lures Bandit 100
 Bandit Lures Prowler 4m +
 Berkley Pitbull 6cm
 Berkley Power Blade 8gr
 Berkley War Pig 6cm
 Berkley Wild Thang 6cm
 Big Fork Reef Digger 8
 Big Fork Reef Digger Jointed 8
 Big Fork Reef Digger Shallow 7
 Big Fork Reef Digger Shallow-LAT 9
 Big Fork Shad Diver
 Big Fork Shallow TD Swimbait
 Big Fork Shallow Twitch Darter 6
 Big Fork Shallow Twitch Darter 8
 Big Game Twitchbait 6
 Big Game Twitchbait 7
 Big Game Twitchbait 8
 Big Game Twitchbait 9
 Bill Lewis Super-Trap
 Bitten Tackle Go-Getter
 Bomber 14 A
 Bomber 15 A
 Bomber 15 J
 Bomber 16 J
 Bomber 2 A
 Bomber 24 A
 Bomber 25 A
 Bomber 8 A
 Bomber B 15 AP Pro Long A
 Bomber B 16 A Heavy Duty Long A
 Bomber Balsa B5
 Bomber BSW 146A Salt
 Bomber BSW 16 A Heavy Duty Long A
 Bomber BSW 17 A Magnum Long A
 Bomber Deep Flat A
 Bomber Fat Free Shad Deep SQL
 Buchertail Baby Depthraider
 Buchertail Baby Shallow Raider
 Buchertail Depthraider
 Buchertail Depthraider CD
 Buchertail Jointed Baby Depthraider
 Buchertail Jointed Depthraider
 Buchertail Shallow Raider 7
 Buchertail Swim ´n Raider
 Cisco Kid 1800
 Cisco Kid 200
 Cisco Kid 600
 Cisco Kid 600 Shallow
 Cisco Kid Wrangler
 Cotton Cordell Big O C78
 Cotton Cordell Deep Diving Red Fin CD9
 Cotton Cordell Jointed Wally Diver
 Cotton Cordell Magnum Wally Diver CD7
 Cotton Cordell Ripplin Red Fin C85
 Cotton Cordell Super Spot C25
 Cotton Cordell Wally Diver CD6
 Custom-X Lures Fury Shad 6,5
 Drifter Tackle Muskie Stalker 6
 Drifter Tackle Super Stalker 12
 Drifter Tackle Super Stalker 9
 ERC Double D
 Grandma 7
 Headbanger Tail Floating
 Heddon Baby Lucky 13
 Heddon Bayou Boogie
 Heddon Clatter Mag Tadpolly
 Heddon Lucky 13
 Holme Baits Shifty Crank
 Hybrida B-1 Twitchbait
 JJ Stumpjumper 55
 JJ Stumpjumper 75
 JW Crank
 JW Lures Backlip (Plastic)
 Karikko 13
 Karikko 18
 Karikko 24
 Karikko 7
 Kuusamo Puukala
 Lee Sisson SPD2
 Luhr-Jensen Bass Oreno 1/2 oz
 Luhr-Jensen Bass Oreno 5/8 oz
 Mann´s Jointed Stretch 25 +
 Mann´s Magnum Stretch 8 +
 Mann´s Stretch 1 -
 Mann´s Stretch 15 + Texture
 Mann´s Stretch 25 +
 Mann´s Stretch 30 + Magnum
 Mann´s Stretch 5 +
 Mann´s Super Stretch 1 -
 Mentzer Vamp
 Mr Toothy
 Musky Mania Jake J10
 Musky Mania Jake J14
 Musky Mania Jake J6
 Musky Mania Jake J8
 Musky Mania Li´l Ernie
 Musky Mania Squirrley Jake 9
 Musky Mania Squirrley Li´l Ernie
 Nils Master Invincible 150 mm
 Nilsmaster Invincible 24
 Rapala Countdown CD-11
 Rapala Countdown CD-9
 Rapala Jointed Floating 7cm 4gr
 Rapala Jointed J-9
 Rapala Mini Fat Rap 3
 Rapala Original F-11
 Rapala Original Flytande 5
 Rapala Rippin Rap 7cm
 Rapala Scatter Rap Tail Dancer 9cm
 Rapala Shad Dancer 5cm
 Rapala Shad Rap SR-9
 Rapala Shad Rap Weedless 8
 Rapala Shadow Rap 110 mm
 Rapala Shadow Rap Shad 9cm
 Rapala Shadow Rap Shad Deep 9cm
 Rapala Super Shad Rap 14cm
 Rapala Super Shad Rap Count Down
 Rapala Super Shadow Rap 16cm
 Rapala Tail Dancer Deep 11cm
 Rapala Tail Dancer Djup 9cm
 Rapala Ultra Light Minnow 4
 Rapala Ultra Light Rippin' Rap 4
 Rapala X-Rap Countdown 7cm
 Rapala X-Rap Peto 20cm
 Rapala X-Rap SXR-14
 Rapala X-Rap Twitchin Mullet 8cm
 Rapala X-Rap XJS-13
 Rebel Bumble Bug
 Rebel Shad-R
 Salmo Bullhead 6
 Salmo Rattlin' Hornet 6
 Sledgehammer Lures Hammershad
 Spro Rat Baby BBZ1 30
 Storm Arashi Spinbait
 Storm Wild Eye Minnow WEMM15
 Strike Pro Astro Vibe UV 5,5
 Strike Pro Cranky X Deep 50mm
 Strike Pro Flap Jack 65
 Strike Pro Inquisitor 8
 Strike Pro Jonny Vobbler 13cm
 Strike Pro Supersonic 50
 SvartZonker Vibrating Bass 18gr
 SvartZonker Vibrating Predator 40gr
 Swim Whizz 500 Slow Sink
 Swim Whizz 600 Floating
 Swim Whizz 700 Floating
 Swim Whizz 8 Slow Sink
 Swim Whizz 800 Jointed
 Turus Ukko 16
 Turus Ukko 20
 Wake Jigwobbler Sinking 5
 Wake Jigwobbler Sinking 6,5
 Wake Jigwobbler Sinking 8
 Wake Jigwobbler Slow Sinking 15
 Wake Soft Jigwobbler 12
 Westin Baby Bite 13gr Floating
 Westin Danny The Duck 8cm
 Westin Danny The Duck Floating
 Westin Mike The Pike HL 30gr Floating
 Westin Raw Bite 7cm Floating
 Vicke 60
 Wolfcreek Cub Crank
 Worden´s Flatfish X4
 Worden´s Hawg Boss Super Toad
 Worden´s Magnum Fatfish
 Worden´s Timber Tiger DC5

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