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BFT Shallow Stinger Titanium Tandem > Leaders / Leader material / Stingers / Actual Rigs  |  E-mail a friend
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BFT Shallow Stinger Titanium 75LB is the ultimate "shallow-tackle". Developed for use with shallow-screw, among others Pig Shad Shad & Bandit for a virtually weightless presentation. Ideal for shallow spin fishing.

75lb is suited for baits between 180-250mm, example Pig shad, Bandit Shad, Svartzonker McPike, Svartzonker Big McPike, Svartzonker McRubber, Svartzonker Big McRubber.

50lb is suited for smaller baits for example Pig shad JR, Svartzonker McPike JR, Svartzonker McRubber JR

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