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Darts Carbon Coated Wire 49 Strand 5 m > Leaders / Leader material / Stingers / Actual Rigs  |  E-mail a friend
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Darts 49-Strand Carbon Coated Wire is a super soft Leaders that are perfect for both stingers like home-made paws. This material is built on a Japanese 49-core (7x7) carbon-coated wire which makes it incredibly strong while making it soft and flexible. Because it is so soft, it goes this great wire to tie.
Darts 49-Strand Carbon Coated Wire is a really versatile Leaders. It is a Coated wire so you can easily digest it together and get a strong solution or you can use the crimps to pinch the wire. Because it is so soft that it is of course also linking it with such a grinner-knot which gives you even more options!

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